About us

 Dj come from far and wide  To play with passion and with pride .. To raise awarenes second to none .. of a silent illness that affects everyone ... Now Charley you may not know .. But he is the reason we do this show ... See he battled this illness too .. For many years he did do .. N despite a loving family .. And many friends .. Charley suffered in silence .. His battle grew too tough .. He asked for help many times let him down was such a crime .. sadly Charley could take no more ... he knocked upon the greatest door  Now Charleys silence is no more these Dj take the floor .. To make a difference by one .. The battle for change has now begun ... So join us .. Hand in Hand #Side by Side  To make a difference ...To to it right .. As we Stand with Charleys Mum ... In Charleys Memory ...the battles begun .....  Charleys Beats ...Friday nights 6 til late ...  even if your not hardcore .. join us and just feel the plur .. feel ya heart go thummmpty thump we do the powerstomp .. n if ya feeling a lil low ..nothing to do where to go ..log in the chatroom and see ...have a natter its totally free ... Charleys Beats #Raising awareness or Mental Health ..  WHEREWORDSFALLSILENT...MUSIC SPEAKS    


Weekly Radio Shows

Our Weekly Radio Shows happen every friday between 5pm and midnight if you would like to get involved get in touch through the charleys beats Facebook group anf join us on switched on raverz live facebook page and join in the fun you can also catch us on tune in radio and 

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Live Stream Events

So 3 times a year we also do live stream events these arent open to the public but are very special over all the events we have had some massive names involved and graced our stage DJ Cally MC Shocker Andy Whitby Joey Riot MC Whizzkid To name a few